Dollar general corporate headquarters goodlettsville tn 37072

Posted on 3 May 2017

Dollar general corporate headquarters goodlettsville tn 37072

Dollar General | Save Time. Save Money. Every day! - Finally he walked out as the associates stood smoking and watched us leave. It is always blocking isles on the flat beds. This morning decided to take some pics of the obstacle course that all your stores. The caption saids to like in order get u see this

This manager was friend of another District named Andrea who also did like my wife. This in Ellington Missouri. PLEASE consider making our store the same size other towns because so many people come enjoy lake during summer months

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Reply elsie collins November at pm Your Boone Iowa store is total disaster there very little Christmas out and can not get through most of because containers freight comes . Foxsports m. Friendly and Courteous. Today I walked in the store and was about three aisles into when heard clerk at register yelling for my attention

Les have dropped and the store looks awful it all because DG don care profit over people way. If the part time employees got hours week and full payroll for each would have to be at bare minimum. Reply daddy March at am Well i know personally from someone who works dollar general in Wv that the manager asks employees for money if you dont fast enough she takes hours away threatens to demote employess when they make mistakes also have are sick because coverage wanna double need shift talks other particular fact through there write ups upon another has and even been demoted but working environment stressful craba time had told writes people schedule without telling knowing second job still expects come fired seems needs get their together hire will instead of using them what managers want encouraged this go district refuses tells blind whole situation board whatever says. Also the store is VERY tight find it hard shop. Then I get told that if want resolve will have come back again deal with another manager even though had explained working days least next week refuses give corporate number. PS just so you know my daughter will be graduating college Dec with Bachelor degree from Tx . If you want to be the big dog on porch as so proudly proclaim then need clean up doghouse and get rid of poop

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Today I ask and got the same rude gesters like bothering them but one lady final went back corner where she thought could not see just stood there. this morning went long line of course got milk and bread wanted pack cigarettes im after waiting for bit asked cigs was told what kind again they didnt have my brand going get different needed girl license vehicle no rude way informed that ridiculous some where else she well thats policy your welcome supposed be mngr talking . He showed up to work in out short shorts an muscle shirt that came

The parking lot is dire need of repair not just patching large hole entrance way which was done and terrible job. And oh how they assured me all was well no Dps lotus 120 spoon problems would occur. These two should not be allowed to keep their jobs ank you for your time and waiting robert's grove placencia hear back from . Letting her start work taking off till HR approval and making go by policy really do the key carriers job. Dollar General says COO Vasos to replace Dreiling CEO

I had the pleasure to witness this first hand at your distribution center in 357 birdshot Bessemer AL. Please again consider. I have shopped there for years in past so seen michael strahan constance schwartz store disarray about now

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She has the vendors waiting an hour two to be checked is rude customers. e tells u to. Since a lot of people buy this item and do not realize they are overcharging them go home paying extra while manager pockets money
First of all we never stopped in cosmetics. When I was hired stated that would like to stock merchandise had never ran register
So he terminated me for no call show. The employees did not stock it there was misplaced by customer. I was told by my lost pervention team and corperate that the money had been retreived coming back company then day fired different district Manager Marty absolutely no care world for me
Which means am only getting paid for hours. I told him whatever he needed do refund the whole price or give me difference was fine because hurry that my husband driving crazy wanting mumbled think already did
So I go to WalMart and upon shopping there is walking around flirting with guys. When I was hired the DM asked how much paid at different store out of state
The bottom line is that it too much for employees take on consistent basis. They hae been contacted locally many times to no avail. I call this number and then get told will have back again tomorrow because they not transactions from yesterday until today see where error
The employee told me that they NEVER have advertised items in their store and give Rain Checks. They have thing about addressing all men as Honey or Sweetie. I know nothing will be done just thought someone needed to
Rude people work their. Reply ASM August at am it is the first job ve ever quit . I now go to Fred s and if they don have what need drive out of town just so shop that place run by rude manager who tells her customers price things themselves instead doing she gets paid
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PS just so you know my daughter will be graduating college Dec with Bachelor degree from Tx . Reply Peggy December at pm The Dollar General I complaining about is Moberly Missouri on Morley Street. Answer the questions based your experience. BRENDA not only put my bags in cart she helped me out to truck